Ebifa mu katale ne MTN is meant to show how market vendors contribute to the country's economic growth

MTN, has partnered with the Buganda Kingdom TV station BBS, to highlight the contribution of market vendors to the growth of Uganda’s economy.

During the launch held at Kibuye market in Kampala, it was confirmed that MTN in partnership with BBS TV will operationalize an exclusive broadcast sponsorship called “Ebifa mu katale ne MTN”. The broadcast show, that profiles what happens in the marketplace, will be aired on television screens across the country and those specially installed in the partner markets, thrice a week.

The partnership will commence with 5 markets including Kibuye, Katwe, Nakawa, Usafi and Wandegeya. However, 20 markets in total will be covered.

Financial inclusion

Since access to financial services is a critical driver and opportunity for economic growth, MTN Uganda (through this partnership) will focus on deepening financial inclusion at the grassroots by integrating/registering the market vendors to MTN MoMo for their business.

With MTN MoMoPay, market vendors will not only receive payments for their goods but also sell airtime and earn commission, pay suppliers, pay wages as well as transfer money to the bank. This is a strong opportunity for strengthening the payments ecosystem and deepening financial inclusion, a key theme in transforming businesses for SMEs.

Commenting about the partnership, Joseph Bogera, the MTN Uganda General Manager Sales and Distribution said: “Our markets and trading centres are a fair reflection of the real hustles of many Ugandans. A fair share of Uganda’s financial transactions take place there and thus it is important for us to understand the pulse of these markets.”

Bogera further added: “With MTN MoMo fast becoming a preferred mode of financial transactions in these markets , it not only eases the traders to manage their cash flow better but also opens up new avenues of business like cash in, cash out, bill payments and Airtime recharge.”

By working with market vendors, MTN is also educating and affirming MTN MoMo as a safe, affordable, and convenient way through which vendors can transact their business.

MTN MoMo is improving financial inclusion in Uganda. It is a convenient way through which vendors can easily transact with customers but also securely save and bank their money every day.

Given the prevalent pandemic, MoMoPay is also a safer way to make payments and reduce the spread of the virus considering that Covid19 infections are now at community spread level in Kampala. The “Ebifa mu Katale ne MTN” program will also feature inter-market competitions/engagements at a later time when it’s safe to have mass people gatherings.