Judith Nabakooba, Minister of ICT & National Guidance

The Government of Uganda has condemned the violent protests that broke out in different of the country following the arrest of presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu aka Bobi Wine in Luuka District yesterday afternoon.

In a statement released by Judith Nabakooba, Minister, ICT & National Guidance today, the government is calling on Ugandans to say no to riots and civil disobedience.

Below is the statement from Minister Nabakooba:

Country men and women, the loss of lives and destruction of property that happened yesterday was very unfortunate.

This number could continue to grow if you take into account the countrywide incidences.

In some of the images, we see situations where people are directly attacking police officers who were trying to restore order.

Usually, the victims of this lawlessness are innocent pedestrians trying to get to safety or the early responders such as the police.

I would like to condemn in the strongest way these unfortunate incidences.

I call upon everyone especially the youth to stay away from any form of rioting.

Starting fires in the middle of the road, looting, attacking others because of their political ideology is wrong and should be condemned by everyone.

I call upon the public to cooperate with the police in identifying the suspects behind these unfortunate incidences.

All throughout the campaign process, we have constantly reminded the public about the existing electoral guidelines.

The Electoral Commission and Ministry of Health provided for a limited number of 200 people for any public event.

We must appreciate that these are very unusual circumstances.

The country is conducting a national election amidst a pandemic that has claimed several lives.

It is therefore important that all presidential candidates make an effort towards respecting these guidelines. They are for our own good.

I must appreciate the efforts by His Excellency the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in restraining the public against crowding.

Other candidates such as General Mugisha Muntu of ANT have also been singled out as being exemplary.

If these were normal circumstances, I believe all candidates have the capacity to mobilise huge numbers at their campaign events.

However, given the COVID-19 circumstances, any candidate that cares about the lives of others should make an effort against crowding.

I also call upon the general public to understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent COVID-19.

If you must attend a campaign event, remember to have your mask on all the time.

All candidates should ensure that their campaign venues have water, soap and sanitizers for all those attending.

The campaign period has less than two months to left, we cannot give up our battle against COVID-19.

Let everyone work towards peace in this campaign period.

Let us love and support our Police Force and all other security forces in their regular efforts towards keeping law and order.

For God and my Country

Thank you

Judith Nabakooba (MP)

Minister, ICT & National Guidance