President Museveni (left) receives credentials of the new Ambassador of Saud Arabia, Jamal Mohammed Hassan Al-Madan. Courtesy photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has received credentials of six new Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Uganda. These include; Netherlands, Egypt, United States of America, Japan, Saud Arabia and the United Kingdom.

The ceremony was held yesterday at State House Entebbe. The new Ambassador of Netherlands, Karin Boven conveyed personal greetings to the President from the King of Netherlands Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand. Museveni told her that her country is rich despite its size and the big population. The Netherlands is the biggest producer of milk in the whole world, producing 10 billion litres per year.

The two leaders pledged to work towards growing and expanding Uganda’s’ milk production.

While receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ashraf Mohamed Nabhan Swelam, Museveni and the new envoy discussed the issue of the Nile water.   The Problem of Africa, Museveni said is not water or anything else but rather a leadership. He pointed out the danger is primitive agriculture, which can easily endanger water bodies.

“Too many people in agriculture is dangerous to the environment. Only 2% of people in the US are in Agriculture but here its 70%. It’s a dangerous structure for the environment,” he said. Museveni has been encouraging people to promote industrialization. He called on the new envoy to invite Egyptian investors in agriculture, fruit processing, textile, electronic and machinery to invest in Uganda.

Ambassador Nabhan Swelam conveyed regards to Museveni from President Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt. “He wished you safe and peaceful elections. Our President trusts your leadership”. Nabhan said.

Museveni also received credentials of the new ambassador of the United States of America (USA) to Uganda, Natalie Brown. He assured the new ambassador that African countries are looking for freedom, mutual interest and cooperation between countries, adding that they don’t have opportunistic relationships. He used the occasion to market Uganda’s fire fighting vehicle called “African Fire hitter” that was designed and made by the army using indigenous technology. “We manufactured a vehicle which can fight fire. It’s using our indigenous technology. I have been watching fires in California and Australia. I want to sell you this vehicle. It also fights locusts. It is land-based, it can go on any terrain. It is unique,” Museveni said.

Ambassador Brown revealed that her main goal is to expand the already existing good cooperation between Uganda and The United States. She commended the contribution of Uganda to peacebuilding and stability in Somalia. “We have collaborated with Uganda to bring stability in Somalia, we are grateful,” Brown said.

The new Japanese Ambassador to Uganda, Fukuzawa Hidemoto while presenting his credentials to the President also conveyed greetings from the Emperor of Japan Naruhito. Ambassador Fukuzawa who was in the Private sector before being called for a tour of duty in Uganda said he was happy to see the progress of Uganda since he first came here in 1984. “I came here in 1984 for a business trip. Now the country has changed so much. The sites are very beautiful. It’s a rich and beautiful country,” Fukuzawa said.

For his part, Museveni said that Uganda has poor people in a rich country. “Japan does not have agriculture or minerals. They only have the human resource but they are successful. I’m glad you are from the private sector, you can get me more investors from Japan to invest in Uganda,” Museveni said.

On the other hand, while receiving credentials of the new Ambassador of Saud Arabia, Jamal Mohammed Hassan Al-Madan, Museveni said that Uganda has worked well with Saud Arabia in the past.  “I also need a market for milk, fruits, maize, Sugar etc because we have them in plenty,” Museveni said. The ambassador was happy about the excellent weather in Uganda, adding that Ugandans are very peaceful and welcoming people. He revealed that Saudi Arabia will sign a general cooperation agreement which will see Uganda selling its products to Saudi Arabia and vice versa. 

Museveni also received credentials of the new British High Commissioner to Uganda, Kate Hairey. “I’m happy to be here in this beautiful country to represent my country. I feel at home here,” Kate said. She commended Museveni’s efforts and contribution to peace building in South Sudan. She revealed that since they met recently in Jinja, there has been progress in Juba courtesy of the President’s guidance. “I want to thank you for your generosity and time. We followed it up in Juba and things have started to work out,” Kate said.

President Museveni welcomed her to Uganda and pledged to work together to exploit Uganda’s development potential. He said that an under-developed economy means under-developed potential.

“Once we solve that and we put more money in capital funds, for the Youth, Women etc., they will become job creators themselves,” Museveni said. Ambassador Patrick Mugoya, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Arthur Kafeero and Uganda’s Chief of Protocol Ambassador Charles Ssentongo among others attended the ceremony.


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