State Minister for Kampala Benny Namugwanya giving a speech during a special KCCA council on October 2

The government of Uganda has disbursed UGX4.240 billion to 140 Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations-SACCOs in Kampala as part of the Emyooga Initiative.     

The initiative is aimed at creating jobs and improving household incomes for 68 per cent of Ugandans in the bodaboda industry, taxi drivers, restaurant owners, welders, market vendors, women entrepreneurs, youth, persons with disabilities, journalists, performing Artistes, veterans, fishermen and elected leaders.         

Under the programme, beneficiaries up to 30 in number form associations, and the associations in turn will form SACCOS each of which receives UGX30 million. According to the State Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs Benny Namugwanya 333 SACCOs have been formed in Kampala out of the target 800. She was addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala today.      

Namugwanya says that KCCA registered 47 SACCOs in Makindye Division, 43 in Kawempe, 173 in the central division, 39 in Lubaga and 31 in Nakawa. She says that the government has sent UGX730 million to 23 SACCOs in Makindye and UGX730 million to another 23 SACCOs in Kawempe division.        

Government has further sent UGX570 million to 19 SACCOs in Lubaga division and another UGX570 million to 19 SACCOs in Nakawa. In central division, UGX1.64 billion has been sent to accounts of 56 SACCOs.    

However, the money is still in banks and not yet accessible to the SACCOs. Josephine Lubwama, the Deputy Director of Gender and Community Services at KCCA confirmed that no SACCOs have accessed the money saying they would have to complete registration with the Ministry of Trade and get a certificate before they can be granted access.        
The estimated nationwide budget for this initiative was UGX260 billion. Of this, Kampala and Wakiso districts were allocated UGX26 billion and UGX14 billion respectively. An additional UGX10 billion is earmarked to support groups that do not fall in the original Emyooga categories like visual artists, herbalists, gym trainers, waiters and waitresses, cobblers, and bar attendants, among others.   

For Wakiso District, Namugwanya says 333 SACCOs have been formed out of the intended 486. Details of the SACCOs have already been submitted to the Microfinance Support Centre which is charged with sending the money.


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