1 of 20: Everybody Loves Jack

Everybody Loves Jack has been crafted by The Alchemist (31A Bandali Rise,Bugolobi). It is a delicate fusion of Uganda Waragi Premium, benedictine liqueur, jackfruit sherbet, pineapple juice, lemon juice and simple syrup.

2 of 20: Coco Sour

Coco Sour is a very simple cocktail made from Uganda Waragi Coconut and sour mix made by Arena Sports Bar- Plot 8 Bukoto Street

3 of 20: Girls in the City

Girls in the City is a cocktail by Atmosphere Lounge and Restaurant- Plot 34, Windsor Crescent. It is made from Uganda Waragi Pineapple, lime juice, pineapple juice and strawberry syrup.

4 of 20: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming is an icy cocktail made of frozen tonic water, Uganda Waragi Premium and lemoncello made by Olives restaurant. Olives is located opposite Naguru Surgery clinic.

5 of 20: Crocodile Tears

Contrary to its name, Crocodile Tears is made of Uganda Waragi Pineapple, fresh pineapple extract, soda water and sucrose. It is crafted by the Equator bar at the Kampala Sheraton hotel- Terran Avenue.

6 of 20: Loco Paradise

Loco Paradise is a cocktail tailored for Uganda Waragi Coconut lovers by The Hickory Kampala (Plot 11, Ngabo Road, Kololo) . It is made from Uganda Waragi Coconut, sweet and sour mix with a blend of orange juice.

7 of 20: Devil’s Coco Master

The Devil’s Coco Master is a cocktail made of Uganda Waragi Coconut, lemon juice, sugar syrup and dry red wine. It is made by Kenji’s which is found right behind Acacia mall.

8 of 20: Hibiscus Beauty

The Bistro, Kisementi crafted the Hibiscus Beauty; a cocktail made from Uganda Waragi Premium, lime, hibiscus syrup with a dash of tonic water.

9 of 20: Di Vino Punch

The Di Vino Punch is crafted by Cantine Divino (Mabua Road, Kololo). It is made of Uganda Waragi Pineapple, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix.

10 of 20: Forbidden Salad

This is a bowl of Ugandan forest fruits infused with Uganda Waragi Premium made by Bush Pig- Plot 31, Acacia Avenue.

11 of 20: Pirates Bowl

The Pirates Wowl is a crafted cocktail by Wild Coffee Bar- 7th Street, Industrial area. It is made from Uganda Waragi Coconut, fresh pineapple juice, simple syrup and fresh ginger.

12 of 20: Vanilla UG Sprinter

The Vanilla UG sprinter is a cocktail made from fresh blueberries, angostura orange bitters, Uganda Waragi Premium, home made vanilla bean syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice. This beauty is made by The Terrace, Plot 1A/1C, Windsor Loop, Kololo.

13 of 20: Shauku

The Shauku is a cocktail made from Uganda Waragi Premium, lime, mint, pomegranate, passion juice and cranberry juice made by Izumi Restaurant and Bar- Plot 38, Upper Kololo Terrace.

14 of 20: Rosemary Netflix

The Rosemary Netflix is a cocktail made from Uganda Waragi Premium, fresh passion fruit, mint leaves, sour mix and rosemary. It is made by the Mist Bar at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

15 of 20: Holy Shweet

Holy Shweet is a cocktail made by Kenji’s Bar right behind Acacia Mall on Bukoto Street. It has Uganda Waragi Premium, lemon juice, sugar syrup, kiwi topped up with soda water.

16 of 20: Clove It

Just like it’s name; the cocktail has cloves, Uganda Waragi Coconut, elder flower, pink tonic and cardamom. It is made by Izumi restaurant and lounge, Plot 38, Upper Kololo Terrace.

17 of 20: Queen Cersei’s Poison

Just like Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones, this is a strong cocktail made up of Uganda Waragi Pineapple, Johnnie Walker Red Label, rosemary infused sugar syrup and orange juice. It is made by Olives Bar and Restaurant which is located opposite The Surgery Clinic in Naguru.

18 of 20: Kamulali

The Kamulali is a cocktail from Uganda Waragi Premium, triple sec, cucumber slices, basil, chilli. It is created by Izumi Restaurant and Lounge, Plot 38, Upper Kololo Terrace.

19 of 20: Forgotten Amapeera

The Forgotten Amapeera is a cocktail made from hakutaka honjozo sake, orange liqueur, Uganda Waragi Premium, orange and homemade guava syrup built over ice. It is made by Yujo Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant on Kyadondo Road in Kampala.

20 of 20: Matoke Sunset

The Matoke Sunset is a cocktail made from Uganda Waragi Pineapple, cinnamon syrup and fresh pineapple juice. This cocktail is crafted by the different Riders Lounges i.e Bugolobi, Acacia and Entebbe.

Pearl Elisabeth Kitimbo is a Travel and Lifestyle writer at the CEO East Africa Magazine; a digital marketer and travel enthusiast.

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