President Yoweri Museveni, has yet again publicly scolded the Inspector General of Government, Mrs Irene Mulyagonja for failing to fight corruption, this time saying that her office has been infiltrated by wrong elements.

President Museveni who was the chief guest, at the ongoing was speaking yesterday at the 9th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa at Lake Victoria Serena, Kigo, said that due to incessant failures by the IGG’s office, he was forced to appoint, Lt Col Edith Nakalema to oversee the IGG.

President Museveni with Commonwealth Secretary General, Patricia Scotland and the IGG Mrs Mulyagonja. Museveni has made it a habit to publicly scold the IGG for failing in her duties to fight corruption and in December 2018 appointed his former aide, Lt Col Edith Nakalema to watch over the IGG.

The conference’s theme is: Time to Act- Prevent Corruption for Sustainable Development

He likened the IGG to a watchman, left to guard a village or home, but had failed in their job.

“I hear the villagers crying, that things are going wrong; but if they are going wrong, what happened to the watchman, the one I left in charge of the home? Why has he not heard that someone is breaking the window?” asked the President.

“I think she (IGG) was infiltrated, slowly by some groups,” he said adding that this is the reason he had to appoint a “watchman (Nakalema) to watch the watchman.”

WATCHMAN’S WATCHMAN: Lt Col Edith Nakalema attending the
9th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies. One of her first assignments is to investigate the IGG’s office for alleged maladministration.

The first time the president publicly chided the IGG was during the June 6th 2018, State of the Nation Address.

“What happened to the IGG? Why don’t the victims of corruption report those incidences of corruption to the IGG,” asked an angry Museveni.

“If it is not working, why should we keep it then? The IGG should reflect on this. Are her staff credible? Why does the public not trust that institution? We need answers,” he said.

Weeks later, he would appoint Lt. Col Edith Nakalema to head a Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit.

Recently, it was reported in the Daily that the Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit, headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema is probing some members of management and the board of the Inspectorate of Government (IG) for alleged corruption as well as illegal and irregular recruitments. This stems from a whistle-blower report from an insider at the IG that also accused the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Mrs. Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza of poor leadership that has presided over this maladministration.

Reacting to the calls for investigation, Mrs. Mulyagonja on Friday April 12th told Daily Monitor newspaper that her office was anxiously waiting for the outcomes of the State House investigation to take action on the culprits- which by the way include herself, since she is directly named in the whistle-blower report.