Maisha Fiti will empower customers to take charge of their preventive and curative health.

Jubilee Health Insurance has launched its wellness program dubbed
Maisha Fiti in the Ugandan market, marking a significant step towards the company’s commitment to promote the physical and mental well-being of its customers.

Maisha Fiti will empower customers to take charge of their preventive and curative health. The program will also create a community for users to interact with peers and medical professionals on various topical issues such as nutrition, lifestyle management, maternal and mental health among others.

In recent years, the society has witnessed a concerning rise in diseases and conditions that can be directly attributed to lifestyle choices. The World Health Organization reports that 41 million people lose their lives globally every year as a result of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
Uganda is equally affected by this global health crisis and it is estimated that 39 per cent of deaths in Uganda are due to NCDs.

Lifestyle-related illnesses, often preventable, have far-reaching consequences on individual wellbeing and the country’s health infrastructure. The Maisha Fiti Program will invest in health education and initiatives that promote healthier living.

Speaking during the launch, Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Dan Musiime
noted that the increase in lifestyle-related illnesses is a critical issue that
demands immediate attention.

“Lifestyle-related illnesses not only impact an individual’s quality of life but also places an enormous burden on a family’s and nation’s resources. The alarming increase in lifestyle-related illnesses requires that we urgently prioritize our health. Maisha Fiti will encourage our customers to make informed choices about their diet and overall well-being,” said Musiime.

Jubilee Health Insurance has also launched a campaign dubbed “Do Anything For The Steps” to motivate individuals to incorporate physical activity in their daily lives. This campaign will encourage people to take up activities such as walking, running or cycling to increase energy levels and overall vitality making life more

To participate in this campaign, individuals will be required to purchase JCare Medical Cover from the company’s website. The company will then deliver a free smart watch that will enable the customer to enrol in the “Do Anything For The Steps” campaign.

This challenge will enable customers to set targets of physical activities to be undertaken within specific period of time. Individuals who hit their targets will receive up to 20 per cent discount or cashback on their health premiums.

Jubilee Insurance Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Caroline Ndungu noted that incentivizing physical activity will combat the escalating wave of lifestyle-related

“It is increasingly evident that individuals and companies must come together to address the growing health crisis. Our company is centred on empowering people to access both preventative and curative care. This campaign will empower individuals to take up physical activities that not only enhance their well-being but also pave the way for healthier and happier communities,” Ndungu said.