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Cornered Bagyenda, hides from her own parliament vetting; IGG says report is due



Bagyenda (inset) is under investigation by the IGG over suspected illicit wealth.

Justine Bagyenda, the sacked former Bank of Uganda, Executive Director in Charge of Supervision, according to leaked reports, deliberately hid from her own appointments hearing by the parliamentary Appointments Committee.

This is contrary to earlier reports that she had travelled out of the country and thus could not be present for the hearings, necessary to hand her, her job and partly her reputation as board member at the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA).

Leaked phone records show Bagyenda’s phone was active at her house on Ismael Road, in Mbuya and later moved to town at or around Standard Chartered bank, where the phone was in regular use.

It is not clear why Bagyenda would hide from her own vetting; a vetting where she would have had a chance to prove her innocence and if re-appointed, regain some of her reputation back.

However it is known that the committee had already received 3 petitions seeking to block her appointment and had threatened to block her appointment.

Manjiya County’s John Baptist Nambeshe described her as having high levels of “moral turpitude” and lacking in “every aspect of all those fundamental character traits which are required for that office” such as impeccable character, credibility and upright standing.

Bagyenda’s failure to appear in parliament could also be linked to an Auditor General’s special audit report into how her department managed the closure of seven defunct banks that found very many flaws, all of which Bagyenda directly held blame.     

It is not clear why Bagyenda would hide from her own vetting; a vetting where she would have had a chance to prove her innocence and if re-appointed, regain some of her reputation back.

Bagyenda, is also facing a raft of investigations from the Financial Intelligence Authority itself as well as the Inspectorate of Government over unexplainable riches and possible money laundering.

IGG investigation into Bagyenda is complete

Meanwhile, George Bamugemereire the Deputy Inspector General of Government has said that the investigation into the unexplainable riches of Bagyenda is complete.

According the IGG’s official Twitter account, Bamugemereire told the media at Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday 25th September  that “the investigation into Bagyenda is complete; the report submitted to the relevant person and that matter is closed.”

He however did not say who that person was.

When this reporter asked Mr. Syndey Asubo, the Executive Director at Financial Intelligence Authority, whether he is the person who received the report, he said he had not seen the report yet.

“The IGG would be best placed to answer that. Certainly wasn’t me,” he said on the phone.

In a phone conversation, Mrs. Twine Annet, the Director Leadership Code at the IGG’s office said although the report is not fully complete, most of the critical information had been obtained.

“We are done with all the field verifications and data analysis, but the report is not yet complete. All the information we needed has been got and the report is in its advanced form; it is not complete,” said Twine adding: “You know with this report, we have to be extra careful because when you release the report, it is like releasing a verdict on the person. So we are validating some information before releasing the report to the public. By the time we issue it, we want to be satisfied.”

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